Rempp Kitchen

The company was founded by master joiner Ernst Rempp in Fluorn near Rottweil in 1930. Due to a lack of space the company moved to Wildberg with 10 employees in 1935. In the second generation the company was managed by Eberhard Rempp and Ruth Deuble. And now Rempp has moved into its third generation just like Multilines; With Christoph Deuble (since 1987), Johannes Deuble (since 1992) and Matthias Rempp (since 1998) who now have the responsibility for the family business.

Rempp kitchens know where they come from. Modern production facilities, situated in Black Forest, are the location for the development of our kitchens. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology. Therefore an individual or special design for your kitchen is no problem.

The passion of the employees stands behind every kitchen which is created to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Today Rempp Kitchen produces kitchens of a very high quality and design standard. With over 150 employees the company has steadily grown. More than 30% of Rempp kitchens are sold in Europe/UK.